Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Apparently, it takes two parents to drop a kid off for choir tour. One to take him and stay until he is on the bus, and one to go back home for the things he left at home. A has been more excited about the tour as the practices intensified, and I hope he will enjoy himself even though he continues to claim he has no friends there. Our choir director has done this for years, and one of his goals is for everyone to get to know evertyone else. So he makes the kids sit with people they don't know, and has games like : Get signatures from everyone in your group before the first stop, and to get a signature, you have to have a 4+ sentence conversation. 

I am trying to keep my chin up and not worry too much, even though I know about the worst that can happen. They have a home concert on Sunday, and I am looking forward to it for multiple reasons.

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