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A Perfect Half Day and Red White and Blue

Saturday, I was supposed to go across town early in the morning and pick up a free AED. However, the Company rep said he could meet me later instead AND that he could give me an extra AED to give to our Mexico mission.  He made my weekend.  Because instead of driving an hour midway between Dallas and Fort Worth, I went to lunch and to go see Spiderman 3 with the men in my life. It was the first time in many months I can remember us doing something together for that many hours in a row. 

We got to the theater early and played video games. Andrew and Bruce tried to get me a Spiderman doll, but those machines are not rigged to let you get their prizes. Andrew and Bruce played some air hockey. Surprisingly, there wasn't a line because everyone was lining up for the DLP version. Andrew ran back to the arcade while we saved him a seat, and about ten minutes later he came back with a teddy bear and a Spidey doll. What a guy!

We took summer flowers to Will's grave today--red white and blue with a flag for the summer holidays. The previous flowers were a little faded and wet from the bad storms. There was an odd looking lady bug pinwheel flag looking thing stuck in his vase, too. We have no idea who stuck that in there.  The only thing we have ever found there before has been a St. Michael card.  I feel so protective of his grave, that I really don't want people sticking things there that I don't know about. Especially people that I don't know. I guess I need to inspect it more often. 

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