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Behind--so what's new?

Felt pretty bad yesterday, so I got nothing accomplished except rest. I guess that's something. W. had a birthday bash last night that lasted all night long. His dad, B., (Also known as Super Dad) hosted a role-playing game with W.'s new favorite books, the Swashbucklers. It's like D and D except you are pirates. B went out and bought goody bags, snacks and a cake with no mom to help because she was in bed. He stayed up playing with the kids till midnight and then checked on them every hour or so after that.

This morning, I realized it was B.'s birthday. Every year since W. was born, B misses out on cake and festivies because his birthday is so close to W's. So I picked up young A and took him shopping this morning. We got B the first season of Buffy and Sex and the City, two of his favorite shows, on DVD. I hope he liked them. A sang a cute Happy Birthday song for him. I just wish I wasn't sick.

Gotta go do my progress reports--only 35 left!