Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

Nice Day

It was so beautiful outside today up in rural Texas. On days like today, I love it that I get to walk outside so much. (Of course on rainy days, I hate it!) Between all my walks and the roaches in the teacher's lounge, I may be able to lose some weight. I've already lowered my blood pressure.

Helped with an oral-mech exam on a bilingual kindergartener with a cleft lip and palate. It was interesting to see the repair which was midline. She still has quite a bit of nasal emission, so she may be a candidate for a pharangeal flap later on, although her palate was moving a little. Interesting. My supervisor has done a lot of these exams, so I was glad she was there to do the Spanish part of the exam. She threw in the oral mech as an added bonus to help me out.

I was really pleased that my fourth graders knew the Three Little Pigs original story and could give me plot details. We moved on to the Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig, which is a hilarious take-off. They were even able to explain the differences to me between the two stories without any trouble. I'm going to have to find something more challenging for this group.

I got the paperwork for a new second grader today, which makes my second grade language group too large, so I'm going to have to split it. It's a pain but also a relief because I didn't feel that all the kids in the big group were getting served. Schedule changeroo once again! I wish I could change the kindergarteners, since I get them during nap-time. Unfortunately, I can't see any other time to fit them in. They are getting better at paying attention, though. I actually felt I made progress with them today. The little girl I had to wake up from a dead sleep even did really well.

A. played games with me tonight when I got home. He was a little grumpy, I hope he is doing OK.

WIth the wonderful birthday gift I got tonight, I scored a High Ho Cherry-O game and a Guess Who game. Very cool! Guess Who is really good for describing. High Ho Cherry-O is just plain fun. I guess I was born to work with elementary school kids, he he. Although I also had a good session with my high schooler today. I'm trying out a new 'r' technique I read about in a magazine. I think if she practices it, she can get a great 'r' out of it.

Good Day.

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