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I'm not sure why I volunteered to teach and bring snacks on the Sunday after Andrew came home from his mission trip. I knew they were not supposed to be back until 11, and that the last HP book would be out the same day (and I would have to read it before he got home). I guess I should have remembered that they would be late. I did not get to bed until two, but I was glad I was there to see him. He was sunburned and had grown, and in his tired happiness to be home he chatted and let me hug him.

This morning the sun woke me up at six-fifteen, and the animals made sure I stayed awake to perform the morning chores. I decided to run over to the bagel store to get the snacks, and I saw two hot air ballons launching on the way, because it was a perfect morning. Andrew was home and all was right in the new world. The world without Will.


Jul. 24th, 2007 03:06 am (UTC)
Doing pretty well...in grad school for the summer and just kicking back otherwise. :)