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Sep. 8th, 2007

When I was about six or seven, we rented a beach house on the coast of South Carolina to visit with my father's side of the family. I was probably the oldest child there (I was the oldest cousin by far; my brother was only four) so I relied on the adults to entertain me. My aunt brought her poodle, and the poodle entertained me by giving birth that week. The puppies were premature, and my aunt allowed me to help her take care of them. We washed them carefully in warm water and bundled them in towels, and I was so proud to be able to help. Unfortunately, I think most of the puppies did not make it. They were so very tiny, even fitting in my small hands. They were too weak to eat from their mother. But I do remember that I was glad that my aunt let me help.

My Aunt Cisi died yesterday. She was my father's sister, the only aunt I had who was not an aunt by marriage. I had not seen her since my grandmother died and I went to the funeral, pregnant with Andrew. She had been in an assisted living facility for several years because of her arthritis. I had thought of sending her a card this year. I wish I had thought of it earlier.


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Sep. 9th, 2007 04:59 am (UTC)
I'm sorry for your loss.

That's a sweet memory about the puppies, and of your aunt letting you help with them. I'm picturing it all at a South Carolina beach house. Vivid images.

Interesting to read of you being the oldest of the cousins, while I was among the very youngest of over forty cousins. All those big kids.

Sep. 9th, 2007 04:28 pm (UTC)
That was a beautiful memory to share. I'm so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you.
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