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I just read a great book. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. It's set in Botswana and is about a woman who sets up a small detective agency and solves several mysteries. It has a rambling sort of style that jumps backwards and forwards in time. The discussion of African culture is very interesting, and the book is really funny as well. In an odd way, it reminds me of the Mitford books because it is "heart-warming," although it is not relentlessly Christian. The author has written two more in the series, so I will definitely have to pick those up.


Saw "Pirates of the Carribean" last week and loved it. Johnny Depp is hilarious. I'll definitely get the DVD. I next want to see "Seabiscuit." I read the book, which was a great story of an underdog horse. For some reason I love racing books (Dick Francis, anyone?) even though I have been on a horse only once or twice in my life. OK, this is the MOVIE section--stop talking about books!! I also want to see: "Gigantic" which is about They Might Be Giants, but it's not coming here! :( "A Mighty Wind" which is not playing any more--didnt play at the corporate megaloplexes in the suburbs so I didnt get a chance to go.


Haven't been watching much TV since it is summer, but my dad told me about Monk, the USA show about a detective with OCD. It is pretty good. Ordered the premiere episode on DVD. My laptop with DVD player is getting a workout.

Other Stuff

Interesting finding on a possible early predictor of autism here.

Who would buy that is a hilarious site about weird stuff people sell online .

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