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Why I hate Steak and Shake

To be fair, I only hate the Steak and Shake in Plano, TX. In my life, a restaurant has two chances. Then I am done.

Chance One: a couple of weeks ago, the family decided to try The new Steak and Shake. The waitress, Meghaen, asked if we were ready to order but left befor we could give our drink order. 10 minutes later she comes back and gets our total order. 10 minutes later we get our drinks. 30 min after that we get our food, except she did not put in one of the orders so poor A. didn't get food. Plus our side items were missing. Over the next 20 minutes, we eventually got all our food but I swear she brought each item one at a time.

Chance two: I guess I had forgotten about the service, but we went again tonight. Somehow, we got the same waitress. We insisted she take our drink order at first. 10 minutes later we got our drinks. This time we got our food in 20 minutes, but she was missing the side items on A's food. Later, B asked her if we could get a dinner to go and she said sure! without bothering to write it down. She then came back and took our check. Later she brought our check back but the dinner was not added. She said it would be added when we went to pay. We went to the counter to pay after dinner, and the guy at the counter didn't know what we were talking about. THen the waitress came up and asked B his name so she could 'put in' the order. "You mean you haven't put in the order YET?" asked a flabbergasted B. She claimed her manager told her not to put in the order until we were leaving. We were not about to wait another 20 minutes so we left.


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