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I didn't sleep well last night, so I am quite drowsy today. I found a place to put my pictures: village_photos. Now i need to put up more pictures. Downloaded a trial copy of Animation Shop which is how I made my nifty new logo.

I would really love to do a website giving parents general information about Speech and Language. We have the space, but do I have the internal motivation?

My plan for July was to begin working on my new language curriculum for fall. It's based on some great books from Thinking Publications--The Language Strategies series. Ah, hopefully next week. This week I am being a total bum. Last week I worked really hard. I took a class sponsored by Intel called Teach to the Future. It's about using technology in your classroom. **Note to future teachers: You are now graded on how you use technology (at least in Texas).**

I originally took the class to score free software (I got Office XP, Publisher 2000, and Encarta 2003). However, the planning tools in the class are very good. They force you to think about the overall themes of what you are teaching and how they tie into the curriculum standards (TEKS in Texas). I created a student presentation, a brochure, and a website. I hope I can actually use them with my students.

Ok...back to sleep....zzzzzz

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