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Dork Heaven

I just finished watching Monk. And Law and Order CI is next. Kooly Dookers!

One thing that happened to my son W while I was off LJ was that he got a girlfriend. I say "happened to" because I'm not sure how active he was in the process. He does not spend a lot of time talking to her, especially on the phone. (He prefers to IM) He doesn't make much of an attempt to communicate with her or spend time with her on a regular basis. He is only 15 so he can't drive her around, but he doesn't even ask us to take them out. If it was me, I would not be happy with the lack of attention, but I am trying to stay out of it. At the same time I guess I should be relieved because I really don't want him getting too heavily involved with anyone at his age. But I'm the mom. So I will worry either way.

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