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I Enjoy Being a Nerd

Someday, in the tradition of Weird Al, I should write this song. However, that is not why I am here tonight. I was thinking about three of the movies that have inspired me the most, and I realized they all dealt with engineering, science, and careers. In order of inspiration:

1. Apollo 13. Where to start? Ah, yes. The scene where Gene Kranz (played by Ed Harris) throws all those materials onto the table and challenges the engineers to make a new CO2 filter. And they do it! It symbolizes the contributions that engineers at their best can make to society. Every time I see it, I almost want to be an engineer again. And it’s a true story.
2. October Sky. Another true story about rocket science. Boy gets out of poverty-stricken mining town by creating a...Science Project. No athletic shoes required. Added bonus: things blow up, but no one gets hurt.
3. Office Space. OK, this one is not literally true. And it’s a goofy comedy. However, it expresses the feelings I had in my little cubicle better than words can say. At the end, our hero is doing hands-on work that actually makes a difference, instead of being bored witless in a cube with no sense of contribution. I can’t say that everyone who works in a cubicle has no sense of contribution. I only know that I personally need concrete evidence that I make a difference. Added bonus: evil fax machine is destroyed.

So if you are reading this, what movies have inspired you? Or what has inspired you instead of a movie?

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