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First night without the husband. Monday is always the worst. It's...Boy Scout Night!
W. (Dear Son #1) calls me from a friend's house to beg me to let him skip Boy Scouts so that he can play laser tag. Naturally, I don't think this is a good enough reason to skip Boy Scouts, so he slips in, "It's not about the laser tag; I just don't want to go anymore." With a firmness I do not feel, I proclaim,"You ARE going to Boy Scouts."

After we Drop W. off, A. (Dear Son #2) and I head to Sam's since we are out of cat food and Goldfish (the only food A. will eat). A., of course, tries to talk me out of taking him along but I do not give in. We go through the store while I point out things he should be eating and he refuses them. Finally he agrees to eat dried apricots, chicken strips and bananas.

On the way home A. and I see two high school boys wearing nothing but shower caps and posters. One boy's poster says,"Honk if You Think I'm Sexy." I explain to A. that sexy is, uh...cute. A says "I know" in that world weary way only 10 year-olds have.

We successfully make it home to unload everything in time for me to leave home to go pick up W. from Scouts. As W. enters the car, he begins coughing horribly. I worry that he has caught the thing I had yesterday and that he will be deathly ill so that I miss my meeting tomorrow. I grill him about any other symptoms, but he has none so far. I pepare to ask him the exact same questions every hour until he goes to bed, because he will not reveal these symptoms unless tortured.

When we get home, A. announces that he has eaten four boxes of the dried apricots and that his tummy is very full.

I remind A. to take a bath. After the bath, he presents himself for a wet hug (he never dries off his back). He tells me,"I just realized that Corey and Topenga(From a TV show called Boy Meets World) get married three times. The first two times, nothing happens. The third time, they 'do it' and get arrested."

Husband calls; he has reached his destination safely. I tell him I really, really miss him.


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Jul. 23rd, 2002 06:32 am (UTC)
Amen sister
The single parent thing must be very nearly impossible.

E. is in scouts and I generally go along; I stay pretty involved. Perhaps that's one reason he seems to enjoy it. But when they reach high school, it's almost impossible for them to stay in without being forced. We have a couple of that age in our troop. When the time comes for me to sit on their board of reviews, I usually twist their arms with all sorts of "I wish I had stayed in and made Eagle...etc." stuff. I'm not sure if it works but I have other subtle ways.

Strange, mine had the cough/sniffles last night too.

Jul. 23rd, 2002 07:54 am (UTC)
Such As Are:
Such as are the wonders and marvels of life. ~:-D
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