Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

I need a mood that says: "Slightly less aggravated than yesterday." I went to overnight my info back to ASHA, and the earliest it can get there is Tuesday morning. Oh well.

I had a really nice morning before that, though. B, A, and I went to breakfast at a little local cafe. It's the kind of place where the husband cooks, the wife is the waitress, and they are always glad to see you. They are Greek, but the breakfasts are strictly American. Then we went to our favorite new game store: The Texas Game Co. It's also local (in Allen), and is very clean for a gaming store with everything you could ever want in board games, dice, cards, and gaming comics. It also has nice rooms for gamers to use.

If anyone is a fan of Munchkin, there is a new release called Munchkin Fu. W. is going to love this when he gets back. I also got several Knights of the Dinner Table comics. If you play D and D, or (like me) know and love people who do, then they are hilarious.

B sent me a cute picture of his EverQuest Character, so I am going to work on a new icon for it.

A. finished chess camp last week. They had a tournament every day, and Andrew won first in 4 out of the 5. The camp director, who is the coach of the UT Dallas team, suggested that A. take private lessons. A. has decided that he would like to take the lessons, even after I reminded him that he would not be able to play football if he took chess lessons. So it looks like it will be chess for a while.

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