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Missing the JumpShot

I thought I had my picture problem solved. A. even found the cats for me so I could get a few pictures. But once again, the card reader would not work. I decided it was a hardware problem, so I double checked the memory card (we have a printer that reads them). Everything ok there. So I plugged the JumpShot into another laptop running 98, and it still became an Unknown Device, refusing to recognize its driver.

So I need to toss the JumpShot (since this is a G rated journal, I can't give it its TRUE name) and get a new CF card reader before I can become cat photographer extraordinaire.

I'll just have to add it to the list for next week. I found out both the boys have their schedule pick up time at the exact time I have a class on Wednesday. Yes, it's Get Ready for School week. Of course, I have not prepped for my therapy. Hopefully, fear will be a motivator.