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Busy Day

W. got home last night about 2:30 AM. He was exhausted but had a great time at GenCon. After that, I couldn't sleep, so I stayed up and took some pictures of the cats. I'll post them later. Finally went to bed close to 4 am.

But I had to get up, lots to do! My boss told me I could reschedule my training class, so now I can go with the kids to school. Yeah!

I found a USB connected card reader for my CF card. I plugged it in and it actually worked the first time! It also reads other types of cards in case we ever need to. Finally was able to get my cat pictures.

Andrew found out that he has the top points so far in the chess Grand Prix that his chess camp teacher is running. If you go to his tournaments all year long and do well, then he is giving out prizes like a free week of chess camp. Andrew started practicing with his Chessmaster program today. However, he is still not sure that he wouldn't like to play football, since his friend is going to play. So we haven’t contacted a chess teacher yet.

I made two new icons today:

Because I love the Monk TV show.

This is B’s EQ character. I call it my “EQ Widow” icon. Obviously, I need to add EQ to my glossary.

B showed me a Yahoo site for EQ Widow(er)s. It is not a joke, but rather like Al-Anon for those whose loved ones play EQ day and night. I'll put up a link on my journal page, but it is really sad.

I bought some new food for the cats. It tastes like chicken! I hope they will eat it. I’d like to say I picked out the Anti-hairball formula for Adult Cats (with real chicken) because I am a good pet owner. However, Target didn’t have our usual brand, and I didn’t want to go to another store.

I even did some laundry.

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