July 15th, 2003

animated lone

It's been a long, long time...

I looked at my journal for the first time since last fall. I haven't posted for over 8 months. Life has been interfering a-plenty, and then I just forgot. I never was one to keep a diary. I can barely remember how to use LJ, but here goes...

Thanks to all of you who did not chuck me off your friends list. Nice to know I still have friends! :)

So where was I?

My husband was diagnosed with cancer last fall, and had to have surgery on Christmas Eve. He underwent radiation in January, and is now cancer-free, thank God. I continued to work at my school, and many days just worked, ate/fed others and went to my room. I was constantly exhausted and depressed. Things got better toward the spring, and I successfully finished out my Fellowship year. The paperwork almost killed me, though. I had to work all weekend almost every weekend in May.

Favorite moment last spring...

One morning an announcement comes over the intercom "DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN OUTSIDE. A SKUNK IS ON THE SCHOOL GROUNDS." later of course, we heard thes, "THE SKUNK HAS LEFT THE SCHOOL GROUNDS. IT IS SAFE TO GO OUTSIDE."

Later that same day, I saw County Correctional Facility vehicles parked on the (unpaved) road in front of the school. unsavory characters in orange jumpsuits were raking the gravel on the road.

Yep, a skunk alert and convict labor in one day--I am definitely in rural Texas!

But then came what every teacher lives for--summer! I have had a much better summer. I was able to clean out my front room and organize all my materials for school. I finally got my license!

I'll be heading back to the same place next fall. I always look around for other opportunities, but I think that this is a good place to be for now. I realized I have a lot to learn and this is a nice, low-key place to learn it.

I hope I keep writing in my journal. We'll see.
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animated lone

Laundry Lawyers

I apologize in advance to gurdonark and any other lawyers I know...

My kids can parse a sentence better than Bill Clinton! I asked them to pick up laundry on the floor. "What -is- laundry?" they reply. I finally end up with this definition--anything made of cloth that is on the floor that is not supposed to be on the floor. "OK,OK!" they snarl. I hear them arguing from the next room. Dare I open the door and see what they have done?

Well, at least the laundry is off the floor--some of it is now stuffed in a suitcase on a chair. "Take the clothes out of the suitcase!" "Did you tell us to?" "I'm telling you now!" "OK" (imaging this word to be three syllables--Oh KAY ay in an irritated tone).

We all know making kids do something is harder than doing it yourself--they plan it that way!