July 19th, 2003

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Fun Things My Cats Like to Do

I’m not sure I’ve introduced my cats in my journal before. They are named Alice (I named her for Alice in Wonderland) and Apollo (W. named him that because his friend had a cat named Athena). They are both adopted. Alice was adopted at a later age than Apollo, so she is quirkier. Also, Apollo is only two, and sometimes he doesn’t seem, well, too bright.

Fun things Alice likes to do:

Drink the water in the shower stall immediately after someone has taken a shower in it. This means she will wait impatiently outside your shower until you let her in.

Eat tape. She loves it when we get packages in the mail.

Lie on the ironing board.

Fun things Apollo likes to do:

Shiny objects...must play with shiny objects...

Lie as close as possible to Alice.

Ask us where Alice is so he can lie as close as possible to her.
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You know you want...

More Fun Things My Cats Like to Do

Both like to wait until I am completely naked and burst into my bedroom, flinging the door wide open.

Apollo loves to carry things around in his mouth. Especially Q-tips. Before I realized this, I kept finding little white sticks everywhere
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So sweet!

A. just came and showed me his D & D dice bag that he made out of some old bag he found in our house. My baby has his own dice bag now. Awwwwwww.
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I Enjoy Being a Nerd

Someday, in the tradition of Weird Al, I should write this song. However, that is not why I am here tonight. I was thinking about three of the movies that have inspired me the most, and I realized they all dealt with engineering, science, and careers. In order of inspiration:

1. Apollo 13. Where to start? Ah, yes. The scene where Gene Kranz (played by Ed Harris) throws all those materials onto the table and challenges the engineers to make a new CO2 filter. And they do it! It symbolizes the contributions that engineers at their best can make to society. Every time I see it, I almost want to be an engineer again. And it’s a true story.
2. October Sky. Another true story about rocket science. Boy gets out of poverty-stricken mining town by creating a...Science Project. No athletic shoes required. Added bonus: things blow up, but no one gets hurt.
3. Office Space. OK, this one is not literally true. And it’s a goofy comedy. However, it expresses the feelings I had in my little cubicle better than words can say. Collapse )

So if you are reading this, what movies have inspired you? Or what has inspired you instead of a movie?
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