August 3rd, 2003

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Good Day

I was able to review two of my main curriculum books today and make notes on what I needed to do for each lesson. My to-do lists span the entire year! Collapse )
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I was able to get some shopping done yesterday. I got some tax free clothes for me and the boys. I also found one of the books I had been looking for: Mother Tongue. However, the others I had to order online. I also found two Steven Pinker books I have wanted to read: The Language Instinct and Words and Rules. I am not much of a believer in internal grammars, but I think these books are worth reading. Especially since I don’t have the brain cells to read anything more complicated right now.

I saw Seabiscuit yesterday also. I had read the book and I knew it could not possibly be as good; however, I enjoyed it very much for its own sake. B even liked it, even though he had only gone because I wanted to.
If you like stories about underdogs, this is the one for you.

A just came to see me and hug me. He always cheers me up.
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Don't Throw Yesterday Away...

Just Fold it, Cut it, and Open it...

The above is the motto from my new Kirigami Calendar. Kirigami is like Origami except that you use cuts and folds to make the object. Now I'm looking forward to 2004.