August 4th, 2003


The Eagle Project Has Landed

W finally got his Eagle project approved. I knew all that ditch-digging would pay off! Now there is only one merit badge between W and an Eagle badge. Hoody-hoo!

On the other hand, A took a message when the mattress delivery people called and wrote the number down wrong. So for now, the mattress is lost. I tried calling Sam’s, but they just take your money; they don’t actually DELIVER the mattresses nor do they have a clue who does. Sigh. Also, A. now wears a 7 and a half men’s size shoe. He also dared to have an attitude after I said no to Blockbusters on the way home from a movie (Spy Kids 3-D, yuck) and shoe shopping.

Tomorrow, I am going up north to see if my classroom is ready. I am praying for a teacher desk. Please, God, do not force me to rough up the principal.
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