August 5th, 2003

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I scored a desk

I finally found the mattress delivery people this morning. I get my new mattress on Thursday! Typically, the delivery guy is going to call me between 8 and 9 to tell me when I have to wait for him to show up. But at least school has not started yet.

I went up to school, and my supplies had been moved to my new room. It is going to be great; there is a lot of storage. I spoke to Johnny, our very nice custodian, and he was able to get me a teacher desk. It has pipe cleaner handles on some of the drawers, but it is a teacher desk! Now I have so much to do, I’ll have to go in tomorrow and Thursday in order to start getting ready. I put in for a key, but I doubt I’ll get it before school starts.

I got my posters back from Kinko’s; they were pricey, but they look great. I’m going to laminate them at the office tomorrow to save some money.

Water Aerobics started tonight. It felt really good in this 100+ weather. Now I feel comfortably tired. I’m hoping this will keep my mood up.

I have finally reached a compromise with A. about football. He will not play football, and we will host a game night for A and his friends every other Friday night. We have been hosting a D and D game for W and his friends on alternate Friday nights for several years, so it’s only fair that we do something similar for A. I think A. just wanted to play football so that he could feel part of a group, because he was very excited about this alternative.
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