August 9th, 2003

animated lone

Zebra on the Left

I had to go turn in paperwork for my benefits this morning at the rapidly growing school district that pays our co-op’s salaries. I was supposed to go to the very newest school; unfortunately, neither the school nor its address was recognized by mapping programs. It is listed as being on the same road as a previous school, but it was nowhere near the said school. I became hopelessly lost, and had to call my poor supervisor on a Saturday morning.

Once she began giving me the directions, I knew this would never get on a map. “Oh yes, the roads have the same name, and eventually they will connect but they don’t now. Turn on the road that goes to town. You know where the farm with the zebras and camels is, don’t you?” No, I didn’t. “It’s on the left, and the turn in for the school is close by on the right with a sign showing the entrance. If you get to the Catholic Church, you’ve gone too far.”

I did eventually see the zebra, to my delight. And little covered wagons: one with the American flag as the cover, and the other with the Texas flag as the cover.

That reminds me of one of our new laws passed by the good old Texas “leglashure.” All schools now have to include the pledge to the Texas flag in their morning rituals. Here is the pledge:

Honor the Texas Flag. I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisible.

I’m sure this will help our test scores no end, and will keep no child from being left behind.