August 18th, 2003

You're a Hero


I dragged A. to the store tonight after work. Even though I had not let him play with a friend because I wanted him to go to the store with me, he went cheerfully. He was a big help in the store and getting everything home and put away. Therefore, A. is my Hero of the Day!
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Today wasn’t so bad. I did get some things accomplished. I got one new kid onto my case load, although I was very irritated to find out later that this mom had another child in speech that she did not mention! Now I have to send her home a whole new set of paperwork to be filled out for the second child. Argh! I have about 5-6 new kids and 64 already on my caseload. I hope to dismiss some of these soon. Now I just have to figure out how to squeeze all these kids in. The teachers so not want them to miss any academic time, and they cannot be pulled out of “specials” (PE, music, etc.). I can’t take them out of lunch. So they will miss some academic time. Oh well. I’ll figure it out eventually.

Also, the teachers have already started trying to get their kids referred for services. We are trying to hold off for the first 6 weeks. There is supposed to be a pre-referral process, but our district is not used to using that process. According to the state, they have too many kids in special education. So I think there will be some re-education done on special education referrals this year.