August 21st, 2003

You're a Hero


Our new self-contained classroom teacher gave me some great news today. Last year, our autistic student was not getting to participate in music because his aide refused to take him. She convinced his mother that he was too disruptive. This student loves music, so it was a real shame. This year, the new teacher made sure he attends music even though the aide was snotty about it and insisted the teacher take him. He is having a great time in the class. So the self contained teacher is my Hero of the Day!
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Rant and Roll

I am going to get to start seeing kids next week. I have been seeing a lot of my old students around campus, and I am starting to remember how much I enjoy the kids. I almost cried at the end of the day when I realized I had spent all week shuffling papers instead of getting my room ready or doing lesson plans.

Our new paperwork requirements are a nightmare. I spend 2 hours of the day copying and faxing or making sure someone got a fax. We are expected to fax our office within 24 hours of sending out an ARD meeting notice, and again within a few days of having the meeting. I have an average 3 meetings per week. Of course, I have to walk to another building and into the principal’s office to fax, and of course half the time the fax does not get through.

The worst part is, I will still have all this same stuff to do next week, and I will have to see kids. I just will not have time to do this next week! This is the closest I have ever felt to quitting.

Tomorrow I have to go to an all day training class, so I will have to spend this weekend getting ready for Monday.