August 22nd, 2003

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Oh, today was just sad. I thought I could not feel any worse than I did yesterday. However, after another day of training, I just ended up with more to do.

The SLP who shall remain nameless complained because she had to turn in her IQ test. It seemed she always gave an IQ test so that she could compare it to the language test. She used what is called the ‘discrepancy’ model, which claims that a child’s standardized language score needs to be more than 15 points less than the IQ in order for a child to be language disordered. This is simply not scientifically valid. You cannot compare the results of two such completely different tests in any meaningful way.

Anyway, our meeting degenerated into an argument about eligibility criteria. Our boss (who is a diagnostician but NOT an SLP) decided that from now on, we have to give TWO standardized language tests to each child in order to determine eligibility. This is also not scientifically valid because you are again comparing two normed tests that have been normed on different populations! But it IS a lot more trouble for us SLPs who already have enough to do. This doubles our test time!! I could kill that SLP who shall remain nameless.

A rough end to a rough week.