August 28th, 2003

You're a Hero


The health department is condemning our teacher’s lounge. Last year, it was roach central. They crawled on the tables and in the microwaves and refrigerator. Some feeble attempts were made to spray, but they never worked. This year, we have flies in addition to the roaches. I am so happy that someone is finally paying attention to this! Health department, you are my Hero Of The Day.
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Last night was my birthday, but I was feeling so exhausted and crappy that I went to bed at7 pm. B didn’t wake me up for the cake because he felt so sorry for me. It was one of my worst birthdays ever.

This is the first week I am seeking students, and I guess the combination of walking all over creation in the 100 plus heat, calming criers, trying to get all the paperwork done, and last minute lesson planning is making me sick. I can’t decide if I am always having indigestion or if I am just a walking heart attack. Thank goodness for Labor Day.

I am almost in tears at times because I don’t have time to devote to thinking about my students. I am simply running from one place to the next. I think this week has been especially bad because I had and Open House on Tuesday AND Thursday, one for each of my kids. So recharging has been nearly impossible.

If things don’t get better by next month, I may invite the director out to follow me around for a day. I really don’t think she has a clue about what we are dealing with.

I am hoping to dismiss 5 of my students in the next four weeks. 5 of them didn’t show up this year. This makes up for the 5 new ones I got. I am hoping to get below 60 again before October. That might help, too.
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