June 26th, 2004

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It was the first day of school. A was in first grade. We were at the entrance of the school together. He was fussing and I was mad because he had forgotten something he was supposed to bring. I knew that we were upset because someone close to us had died. We were being watched by other parents and our preacher. I hit A because I was so angry. Nobody did anything, but I could feel the disapproval around me. A's teacher came and took him into school.

I went back to my car and W was sitting in the back seat. He was around 4th grade. I told him he needed to get out and go to school. Suddenly, there were several kids in the car. I shooed them all out.

The next thing I remember, A and W were both in the car. A was grabbing a stuffed alligator and crying. W told me it was his alligator. I asked W if A could take it to school because he was so upset. Then A's teacher came out and gave me two notes, one for each boy. She told me that the school had decided that because A and W had had a death in the family, they could not go to school for the first week. She mentioned something about getting the routine at the school going. I thought,"But A and W need a routine to help them!"

A, W and I were driving home in my old Honda minivan (IRL, W drove this car). Somehow, we had our washing machine with us, and I was wondering what was in the notes the teachers sent. The car broke down, and B came to help us. The washing machine was not working and so he plugged it into our home outlet where the dryer was. I was still confused about why A and W had to stay home. B was going to take the boys out, but W had a high fever and I was worried about him.

That's all I remember.

In Real Life,

A hugged me for a very long time before leaving today. He also told me he was worried about his dad driving home alone. I told him that if B got sad, he could call me on the phone and I would talk to him.
animated lone

On my Own

I've been doing ok today, even though I have been alone. I rushed out this morning to rectify a cat food emergency. B called to tell me they reached Arkansas safely. I talked to my sister today and she was kind enough to let me ramble on. I looked at shelving at Lowes and Home Depot for me re-organized home office. I'm going to a movie with a friend this afternoon.

In the mail today, we got a bill from the ambulance that took W to the hospital. It included an itemized list of charges that give more painful details of that day:
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