June 30th, 2004

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Heart to Heart

My current favorite charity is a local group called Heart to Heart. It's a support group for parents of kids with congenital heart disease, or CHD.

CHD is the most common birth defect.

It kills more kids than cancer does.

It is terrifying when your kid has a heart defect.

The local group provides information and support to parents. They have regular meetings, a newsletter, a website, a yearly camp for kids, activities and picnics, etc. I have been getting the newsletter for years. I never really got involved because they met too far away for me, and besides, my son was doing so well. However, when W died, I asked them about donations. They gave the info, but they also--spread the word to their members. They sent a beautiful flower arrangement to the funeral, and a local lady came to the visitation and gave me a pin from their organization. Their president has been so very nice.

They are collecting funds to purchase books for a parent reference library. When you are a parent and worried about what to do for your child, information can be invaluable. So I am going to request that all funds donated in W's memory be used to purchase library materials.

Their website is here.