July 7th, 2004

animated lone

A Better Day

I spent time today going through an old computer hard drive and found a lot more of W's writings. It was nice to see all his work; he felt more alive to me today than he has in a long time. I believe I will publish all his poetry in a book and give it to friends who want one. I emailed lot of the work to myself, and I will reprint one poem here at the bottom of the entry.

Someone brought food again tonight. Everyone is still so nice. A and I went to the store and bought a couple of board games--Monopoly and Life. We played Life in my nice new office. We also watched a DVD together at lunch. It was nice.

A had a bad dream last night about W. He saw W's ghost and no one else could No one could understand why he kept saying "Hey, stop poking me" to thin air. Also, I kept trying to clone W, but the clones kept dying because they all had the same heart problem. I like to think he is forgiving us in this dream for letting W die.

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