July 10th, 2004

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Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. dysphasia score: 15
2. music score: 15
3. early intervention score: 14
4. late talkers score: 14
5. toddlers score: 14
6. late talking score: 14
7. sli score: 14
8. babble score: 14
9. late talker score: 14
10. dysarthria score: 14
11. special educatioin score: 14
12. developmental language disorder score: 14
13. parents score: 14
14. writing score: 10
15. photography score: 9
16. autism score: 8
17. computers score: 7
18. speech problems score: 7
19. art score: 7
20. child developement score: 7

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animated lone

Hi, My name is Ann, and I am an office supply addict

Went to Office Depot to return a 10 dollar power cord and get 33 dollars worth of printer ink. Going there is always dangerous for me.

***Confession*** When my organizer and I cleaned out my office, we found about 100 pens. I have a real problem.

So I was determined to stay away from the writing implement aisle. I chanted quietly to myself "I will NOT buy pens," as I browsed through the software. I felt a powerful urge, and was drawn to the Adobe Photoshop section (My Paint Shop Pro has recently died due to some problem with an HP printer driver. The piss ant program doesn't change printers when the default printer is changed!) So I left with 130 additional dollars of software (Photoshop Elements packaged with Photoshop Album).

Well, at least I didn't buy any pens.


On another high tech note, the state of Texas has bowed to the inevitable march of technology (and the need to reduce the number of clerks in Austin) and given us permission to renew our SLP licenses online. The killer catch for me is that you have to tell whether you have been accused of a misdemeanor in the last 12 months.

*****Another Confession*****
On 4/6/04 I ran into the back of another vehicle. We both stopped our cars. I got out and attempted to ask her if she was ok. She became verbally abusive. I saw no injuries nor damage to either car, and I was concerned about her behavior, so I left. I later received a ticket for failure to provide information. Our insurance company contacted her, but she declined to file a claim for damages. I will receive a deferred adjudication for this citation in August 2004.

So it's the mail for me. I hope I don't have a license problem for this!
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