August 27th, 2004

animated lone

Best. Birthday. Evah.

Or at least one of them, anyway.

It started out poorly. I was hoping to make a good impression on my new client's dad. However, the kid decided to throw a full blown screaming hissy for 20 minutes. I tried everything, but he just finally had to wind himself down, and by the end he and I were having a pretty good time. Of course, he cried when he had to leave.

But then...

A sweet co-worker brought me a pretty vase of flowers.

B saw me at lunch and told me he had picked out some diamonds for the new ring he was making me as a replacement for the diamond ring I lost at Christmas (my engagement ring lost its stone). Also, he had a pretty peridot stone necklace for me "so I would have something to open today."

I went out to dinner with some friends. They didn't know it was my birthday. When one of them wished that someone had a birthday so we could get a singer, I mentioned that I did have one, in fact, today. So we had an operatic singer sing me Happy Birthday in Italian, and my friends picked up the dinner tab.

When I got home, my son's friends were playing D and D with my husband. He had the ring already made up for me! It was gorgeous! (Still is!) Then my son's friends gathered in the kitchen, stuck a couple of sparklers in zuchinni bread (closest thing to cake I can eat) and sang Happy Birthday...complete with awkward pause when they got to the "Happy Birthday, dear...insert name here"

What a great day!