September 10th, 2004

animated lone

Grief Wrestling

My philosophy on dealing with grief thus far has been to face it squarely and attempt to head butt it into submission. I wish it was a tag team activity, but each of us must do it alone.

I went to see A's English teacher today, and picked up his essay. It talked about the day W died from his perspective, which was very interesting. I had asked his aunt to stay with him when W first went to the hospital, and then she brought him to the hospital after W died. I asked her not to tell A so that we could tell him ourselves. However, he was very worried as he rode to the hospital because he didn't know what was going on. He also wrote openly about being afraid of death and dying. I know it was very hard for him to write, but I am glad he did.

We are leaving tomorrow to visit B's mom, who has cancer. I pray she suffers as little as possible.