September 23rd, 2004

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Well, I have started a plan for the ideas I had yesterday. I have created a friends-only journal, wills_drills to record my ideas as I am going along. I don't want to be too public with them yet. However, I did talk to the local Red Cross today, and I am going to train to be a Red Cross CPR/AED instructor. I can volunteer as an instructor for them and teach a couple of classes a year to maintain my certification. Unfortunately, the class is three full days, so I will most likely wait until January to take it since I am already going to be taking off several days in October, and I know I will want to take off a little time at Christmas. I am excited about my ideas, though.

I am starting to be a little sad about W's birthday on Saturday. They say that anticipation of the day is worse than the day itself. Well, anyway, I have the afternoon off tomorrow, so that will help some I guess.