September 26th, 2004

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Mr. A got ninth place in the tourney. He is most excited about a 'money' tourney that is coming up in December. I have finally found a motivator for him. I did not finish Jonathan Strange, etc. I am finding it somewhat easier to read, though.

Now I just have to make it until Friday, when we head to the Alamo.
animated lone

Saturday Night Dream

I dreamed last night that my brother, sister and I were staying with my mother. She had a very weird appliance that looked like a long flexible tube made of some sort of flesh but that was greenish and that made sauce and put it on foods. We all left the house together and as we were walking under an outdoor shelter, a host of airplanes flew overhead and began shooting at the town. We escaped injury because we were under the shelter. A large man came out from a spaceship and began reciting demands. We walked quickly to the edge of town and caught a subway out. Somehow, the invaders had neglected to stop the subway and so we got away, but we could still hear the gunfire and explosions. I woke up terrified.