October 15th, 2004

animated lone

Wet Eyes and Mums

Never fails. As soon as I complain about not crying, I lose it. In a public place no less. I was enjoying lunch at a local mom and pop place where I actually know the mom. Her daughter came in wearing the world's largest Homecoming mum. The daughter is a junior at the high school that W would have been a junior at this year. We chatted about it briefly, and you could see how proud they were of their beautiful daughter and that she had found a nice boy. The mom gave me a hug because she knew about W. I suddenly started crying right there in the restaurant, and had to assure her that I would be okay to drive home.

Why did a mum invoke these tears? School functions are the last thing that I would associate W with. However, I am sure I would have forced him to at least make a mum for his girlfriend and take her to the game. At least that part did not involve dancing. He probably would have given in and I would have helped him with it.

Seeing that pretty girl with her impossibly sized mum was a reminder of another ritual that we won't be experiencing this year.