December 1st, 2004

animated lone

Can I get off the ride now?

I am really tired of going through the cycle of grief. I can feel so many different things in one day. I was in tears this morning as I drove to an appointment, feeling quite sad. Then tonight, I was having a great time with friends at a restaurant. I go days without feeling anything, then more days feeling depressed. I am full of energy and ready for projects; I just can't face the basic responsibilities of life. I almost wish I could just be one way for a while so that I knew what to expect.

I do like my Sunday School class. I was out with the ladies tonight, and they are so nice! I am very glad that B and I started going to church and that class is perfect for us, because they are down to earth people. I may even be teaching some classes next year. I like to think God gave us this blessing because He knew we were going to need serious help.

A told me that his new class assignment was to write about what you wish your parents knew. Of course, he refused to let me see the essay. So if you want me to know it, why not let me read it? The logic of middle school is murky.