December 29th, 2004

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42nd Street

Jerry Orbach died yesterday. He was most famous for being in my favorite TV show, Law and Order. But you may not know that he was a Broadway star back in the day. He was in the original production of Chicago, the Fantasticks, and 42nd Street.

20 plus years ago, my dad worked in New York City, and when I came home from college, we would go into the city. My dad has always loved musicals, and so we would usually stand in line at the TKTS booth for half-price tickets you could get the day of the show. We got to see 42nd Street this way. It was a fun spoof of old musicals: young girl comes to Broadway and has her heart broken, almost gives up, but then gets a chance to be in the Big Show. I think I saw Jerry in this show. Great show!

I am so sorry, Jerry, that I will not have the pleasure of seeing you in your new Law and Order show, but I will continue to enjoy the reruns as long as they last. Rest In Peace, my friend.