October 9th, 2005

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A new found picture

I helped with another CPR/AED class today, and it hit me right between the eyes. It didn't help that the main teacher told an anecdote about how when the nurse at Will's school found him, he had foam on his lips. I love this lady, and I really think she had no idea how hard this is for me.

Two teenagers were in a horrible car accident this week. One was killed, and the other is in serious condition in the hospital. They both went to the school Will would have gone to, and the boy in the hospital wrote a comment on Will's website. He is being charged with manslaughter in the other boy's death.

B found a "new" picture of Will on his hard drive the other day and sent it to me. It shows Will sitting in his car. He is smiling the smile of "I am happy to have this car and be a driver but I am too cool to let you know how very happy I am." Collapse )
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