October 20th, 2005

animated lone

OK, so I've been absent...

I haven't felt like updating in a while. Partly, I have been very busy with work and volunteering. Partly, I just couldn't put my feelings into words.

Partly, because my dog keeps pawing me! The sheer act of typing seems to draw him like a magnet, and send the waste products in his body to the tip of his bladder, so that he must immediately be taken outside, even if he was just outside less than 30 minutes ago. Then, I must pet him. So now I must type with one hand.

So last week I helped with an all day CPR event, had my hair done, attended another new support group I am going to be helping with (for special needs kids), arranged for a vacation, was interviewed for a school newspaper, and got three new clients at work.

Another reason I have not updated is that I don't want to infect anyone with the grumpiness I feel as the HOLIDAY stuff starts. I really hate this time of year (BAH, HUMBUG!). I have decided not to put up a tree or send out cards again this year. I can barely hold it together on a regular day, much less a day in which enforced cheer is the rule.

I did talk the two human males in my family to going on a trip after Christmas so that I have something to look forward to. We are going to a resort on a lake and doing some horseback riding for A and relaxing for B and me.

Tomorrow I am going to a seminar on oral-motor therapy for speech disorders, which promises to be interesting.

Now if the dog will stop pawing me (oh yeah, I need to have his nails clipped!!), maybe I can get some rest.
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