March 10th, 2006



A had an operation on his left toe on Monday. It went pretty well--it's about like having oral surgery, except at the other end of the body. What he has to do to take care of it is not pretty, so I won't describe it here. I am glad that he is on Spring break.

Did the seasonal flower change on the grave. It was upsetting because the "caretakers" had pulled the poinsettias out while leaving the green Styrofoam in, and it had become gross. Then when I pulled the vase up to clean it, ants swarmed out of the ground. I was furious and complained to the florist. She helped me remove the foam and said she would talk to the funeral home about the ants. I was so upset that I had to sit in my car and cry before driving home.

But I found a new florist who was very helpful. She has experience with grave vases because her stepson died young. She made me a beautiful spring arrangement with daffodils and tulips. I put it in the vase today, but the picture I took with my camera phone did not turn out well, so I won't post it here.
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