March 13th, 2006


A Geektastic Day

So many things happened today--the converging of several streams. And most of them electronic related, so the day was GEEKTASTIC.

My sweet husband came by my office last week to try and fix my Internet access problem. He felt so sorry for me having to use an ancient laptop that a spanky new Dell desktop was delivered to our house today, and he helped me set it up at work. What a guy!

I got my new Zoll AED trainer in the mail today, too! When I told the Zoll peeps that I wanted to buy a trainer to go with my free AED, then they sent me a trainer, for free!!!

Today a very nice doctor agreed to sign off on the AED form so that I can get my Zoll AED! My dream of having the travel AED for my church by summer is coming true!

One of the coolest things that happened today, however, was decidedly low-tech. I taught an autistic client to tie a bow so that she can tie her own shoes.

So, thanks, God, for aligning the planets for me today.
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