May 12th, 2006


The Descent

Its the beginning of the tough times for the next four weeks. Mother's Day, 2006 graduation, the anniversary of Will's death. I hope to get through it by following the philosopher Dory's advice: "Just keep swimming."

A gave me a pretty glass angel that said "Mother I love you. You are an angel in my life." He knows I like angels. He has gone out of his way to be especially sweet to me this week in order to cheer me up. He gave me a cute card with teddy bears on the outside. Inside he had drawn a cartoon of us hugging. He drew himself taller, because he is finally taller than me. I refused to believe it until B took a picture of us back to back. That picture will not be shown here.

At least I got to send something to my mom. B's mom has been gone for the second Mother's Day.

On the 14th, we will go to church to see the carnations, and attend a charity brunch for a local group for homeless teens. I will lead our church grief support group because our pastor leader is recovering from surgery. Then it will be one down, two to go.