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About time!

I came home from my training class today to find a letter from ASHA saying that I was officially certified as an SLP. That means I can practice without supervision, and I get to add the cute CCC/SLP after my name on my business cards. It’s easier to get a job with those initials, too. Not that I’m actively looking, since I like my current set-up pretty well. B, A, and I went to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate.

My class was pretty good today. It was an overview of the Stevenson method, a program that is designed to teach reading, especially to students in special education. It has a lot of good imagery that will be helpful when I am working with students who are in the reading resource program. It also has some good techniques for working with semantics and syntax as well. Their website is

The instructor also recommended several good books that I want to try and get:

Your Memory and How it Works by Kenneth Higbee
Ideas on helping kids retain memories

Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson
How English spelling got so screwed up

I can Read It, but I Don’t Get It by Cris Tovani
Comprehension strategies for adolescents

Goldilocks and the Three Hares by Heidi Petach
This sounds hilarious and would be good for a compare/contrast lesson

Jack and the Beanstalk/Giants Have Feelings Too by Alvin, Dr. Grawowsky, Henry Buerchkholtz, Alvin Granowsky, Linda Dockey Graves

Same as above--I love fairy tales because so many of my kids don’t know them and they are referenced so often in modern culture

Hmmm…I don’t think my 10 dollar gift certificate from Barnes and Noble is going to stretch too far.

Another great idea from the class was giving everyone pretend money to facilitate taking turns. If someone was taking a turn and you interrupted, you had to give the other person some of your cash. I’m thinking I could let the person with the most cash at the end be the line leader. That would be great for K and 1st. And they would need to have at least one bill in order to get a sticker for the day. This could take the place of my talking tickets for the year.

Writing this in my journal is a great way to remember it, even if it does bore anyone else reading!

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