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One step closer to being a girl with a license

Met my new CFY (Clinical Fellowship year) supervisor today over lunch at a Mexican restaurant. She was very nice, and we talked about our kids, work and signed my Texas License papers. I Fed-Exed them into Austin this afternoon so that the licensing people can have their full 15 working days to sit on my paperwork before I have to actually practice. Wow, that felt so good to get that done!! And a lady at the restaurant that I didn't even know told me that my new dress was pretty! And my new supervisor told me she was sure I was going to do a good job because I had such good recommendations!

So now my head is swollen and I don't even mind that A.'s friend came to spend the night and that said friend's mother called to warn me that he 'occasionally sleepwalks' so that he probably should not have the top bunk of the bunk bed. And that my husband won't be home again tonight.

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