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Good Day

I was able to review two of my main curriculum books today and make notes on what I needed to do for each lesson. My to-do lists span the entire year! The books I am using are: Language Strategies for Children and Language Strategies for Little Ones published by Thinking Publications. They provide a systematic approach to providing therapy for many of the needs my kids have. I just need to add in some phonemic awareness. I’m going to try using the LIPs manual from Lindamood Bell. I also want to use some of the terminology from the Stevenson method since that is what the children are using in reading. I hope i get some time to work on this in the next two weeks, because I also have to:

Find my school-owned paraphenalia and see if they did move it
Get keys for my new room
Make sure I have a teacher desk (I didn't have one last year)
Make sure my computer works
See if I can get the new IEP software since I have to do some before school starts
Schedule an ARD before school starts
Print and laminate materials for new curriculum
Learn new froms (yes, they changed all the forms around from last year)
Bring my personal materials to school (It will take 2-3 trips)
Set up my new room

I feel tired already.