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My favorite title of the day

My favorite title of the day: Woman sues Delta over sex toy incident

I have been feeling particulary blank minded for the last few days. I hope I will have more to write after Monday, my first official act in my new job--a training session that is state-mandated.

I received a letter this week informing me that I will have to have an ARD meeting before school starts. I can't for the life of me remember what ARD stands for, but it is a meeting that discusses the therapy and/or special education needs of a student. You have to have one for every child before they start therapy, once a year after that, and another every three years when you do a child's re-evaluation. You can see that adds up to a lotta meetings. Such is the law of IDEA (sigh). Although, it's really not a bad idea that everyone is forced to talk to each other about what a child should be doing.

I should have a lot to write about in the next few weeks.

Found out today I have a broken filling that "goes really deep and may need to have a crown." Ugh.

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