Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

I am so tired I can hardly write. I took some of my things up to school today. Unfortunately, because I was a meeting all morning, I couldn’t unload until 1:30. It was back up in the 100s and miserable. I’m taking stuff up tomorrow morning, and I hope it will be cooler then.

My boys had their first day of school today. As I thought, A. had no problems adjusting to his new school. He is just one of those who find life a little easier. I wonder if it is a youngest child phenomenon. I am an oldest child, and always struggled by being the first to accomplish milestones. My oldest child has even more difficulty making it in the system. Perhaps the apprehensiveness that parents feel when reaching a new stage trickles down to the child so that he or she is doubly nervous and therefore has more difficulty.

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