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I had planned to start my new language therapy curriculum as soon as possible after school starts. However, I think I am going to spend the first 2-3 sessions taking data on my students instead. Why?

It gives me a baseline for the beginning of the year.

For returning students, I can see where they have regressed over the summer. For new and transfer students, it helps me determine if the IEPs are correct.

When I have to submit evidence for my ESY (extended school year) recommendations, I can compare their 8 weeks progress to the baseline in order to get a great feel for how well they can recover from any regressions.

So now I am trying to figure out how best to take data for groups of kids and track them individually. I don’t want to be juggling 4-6 big pieces of paper during a session. Last year I took notes by group. I still want to continue group notes because they were very helpful for keeping track of sessions. But I need to add something else.