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Tired and Incoherent

My mind is mush, because I spent most of the day listening to people talk about forms. I think we have at least 100 different ones. I finally got up to my school at about 2 pm, and was able to get a little done. I had a couple more referrals handed to me today. I have about six now on my test or transfer in list. School hasn’t even started yet!

I spent some time making to-do lists. I had so many things to do that I decided to group them by area. It took me an hour to finish my to-do lists.

I’m going to have to go in this weekend—not to get caught up, but to keep myself from drowning further. I’ve decided the first thing I need to do is organize files, since I have to redo all 62 of them anyway to put them in our new file folder system. One good thing is that I don’t have to keep old inactive working files like they had in the past. I can toss those (shred actually) and use the room more productively. I didn’t use my file space well last year, and I think that prevented me from being organized. If I can get a system in place where I always have a place to put something, I won’t have to stack things in piles.

Of course, I’d rather spend time working on lesson plans, but that won’t happen until I can get my schedule done and see what my groups are going to be. I’m glad I did some prep work this summer. My books that I ordered from Amazon to go with the new language curriculum came today, which was great! Now if only I had time to go through them.