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Has anyone seen Adaptation? It reminded me of a Mobius strip, winding around on itself until you could not tell where the planning of the movie ended and the movie itself began. I thought it was interesting and very well done, but not as entertaining as I had hoped.

It was my first day with the new schedule of kids. I really loved seeing my returning kids and noticing maturity improvements or just appreciating that they remembered me as someone they liked. I had two criers (both new students); one got over it easily, the other did not.

I had a nice phone call from our director, who told me she thought I was dedicated. I have been asking lots of questions in the meetings and generally causing trouble, so it was nice that she said that. I hate causing trouble, but I also like to know what is going on. Unfortunately, sometimes my mind is running ahead of where I am supposed to be, so I ask a question that was eventually going to be covered anyway. Yes, I am that pain of a person in the front row always sticking my hand up. If I were a Harry Potter character, I’d be Hermione.

I was apprehensive about seeing kids, but I am so thrilled that I still enjoy interacting with them. I worked hard changing careers, and I don’t want to burn out early. A therapist I admire starts every new year with a personal goal of adding something different into her sessions. I hope I can do that as well.

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