Ann (lonestarslp) wrote,

First Day at the new Job (Sort of)

I had my first work day today. I attended the first day of a two-day training session. The training happens to be at the school I will be housed at, so I got to see my "office." Actually, I saw all the stuff that was supposed to be in my office. It was carefully gathered in a hallway because I am being moved from a room in the school to a portable building. Unfortunately, the portable is not ready for my stuff yet. The principal hopes it will be in by the middle of the week.

I looked through the things in the hallway. I noticed I have:

2 computers (cool, although one apparently is in bad shape)
Several test protocols covering language, stuttering and articulation
Lots of reference books on many subjects
About 5-6 board games, including Candyland (The SLP's friend!)
Two huge file cabinets
Variously sized tables
Employee Handbook

I notice there are other items shoved in a corner so that I can't see them. I hope that my room does become ready by next week. I need to think about how I want to set up my room. I don't want it to be too busy because that can be distracting, but I want it to be friendly. And I need it to appeal to all ages from 3 to High school (although I am not sure I even have a high schooler on my caseload).

My training went well even though it was slightly boring. I am taking the discipline training that is mandated by the state. It involves Positive Behavior management. A lot of introductory gobbledygook in the first part. This is the PB website But the afternoon was interesting. We are also getting CPI training. CPI stands for Crisis Prevention Instruction and gives us practical strategies for dealing with kids when they are upset. Tomorrow we get to learn some of the defensive moves.

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